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Houses for Profit

When it comes to flipping houses there are a few things to keep in mind. Like what is the purpose of this flip? Are you selling for top dollar, are you planning to rent the house, do you know what the plan is? The market and time of year all play into how much profit you can make, and some flippers put the house for sale and lease and wait to see which comes up first. When going into the buy take into consideration how much they are asking, what top market dollar is, and how much it will cost to flip. Always try to keep a 10-20% retainer to cover the unforeseen items that will come up. (If you get lucky and don't need it then you just added to your profit, but if you do need it and don't plan for it then you may be stuck with deciding which item on your list will not get completed. Check out some of the successful houses this company had helped flip.

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