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Get the Most for Your Remodel

Updated: Jun 4, 2019

You want to remodel. Why not? It adds value and can make your home more desirable when selling. But how much is too much? Make sure you remodel right, and do it without putting more in than you’ll get out.

Always hire a professional with references. Buyers can tell if something is half done or amiss and they are extra critical when looking for their next home.

If cost is a concern, look at value for the area and look at how long you plan to stay in the home. If you plan on moving out in the next year, really look at the range of value for the neighborhood. If you plan on moving in 5 years +, look at the budget and determine how you want to live for the duration of time in the home. Once you go over 5 years there are too many variables.

Two ways to remodel without losing value:

1. Whole home facelift.

  • Buy multiple slabs to take care of all the counters

  • Buy flooring in bulk and run it through your house (preferably not carpet)

  • Change knobs, towel racks, and fixtures for simple updates

  • Always use wall colors that are wildly liked (variations of whites, light greys, neutral colors)


2. Do a major redo on big ticket items like the kitchen, master bath, etc. People will buy a house when they love the kitchen.

Ultimately if you spend money on upgrades and hire a professional, you will not lose money.

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