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The Company Vision

     Real Estate Property Advisor is the new way to real estate. With the ever changing market we need to make changes on how we run brokerages. There is more to real estate then a simple buy and sell. Sometimes it is more involved and you want a Realtor who can look at different types of options. If you love your neighborhood and are looking for change we can help you. If you are interested in just looking at the numbers we can run them and show you the options. Advisors offer even more with a Buyer Incentive Program.


     Typically when you close we close! We want closings to be faster and more lucrative for all our clients. There are many different options with real estate. Flat fee brokerages, "Standard Fees", and many options in between. We want to offer more then just options. Advisors offer lifestyles. You have the power in this and you should feel like you have more then just one option. You deserve more then someone telling you to "Buy Now" or "Sell the Market is Hot". Agents with this brokerage believe in the concept of giving back to the client. 

     Clients feeling like they get what they pay for, and receive what they deserve are what this company strives on. We want sellers to have more control over what they are spending and the different marketing techniques. This is why we have a la cart options for Sellers. We also have incentive for buyers who know what they want. But if you are unsure and think renovation might be the key to either or both options we are ready to give you everything we can for you to make an informed decision. 

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