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We Want To Advise YOU

Making the decision to sell your house is a huge one. It can feel like vultures are coming after you and everyone wants a piece. Real Estate Property Advisors wants what is best for you! Sometimes moving is not the best option for sellers. There are times that room you never go in, or that random unusable space is actually what you are looking for. Advisors are here for exactly that, Advise. We want you to have all the different options and give you a realistic idea on what you can accomplish. This brokerage is about more then getting the sale. We want your trust and we want to give you an honest opinion. Take a look at our Home Finder Tab if you want to see what is available. Ultimately you have the control with our new A La Cart options. You know what you are paying for, with hopes you feel more confident in what you are paying for.  

Buy with Confidence 

     With Real Estate Advisors you have some incentive options. When you know what you want you can save on time and money! We want you to know that its possible to have some options. What is important is you have a home for your family that you love. Make a list of what is not negotiable, and what is preferred. How many bedrooms do you need? How many bathrooms do you need? How long do you plan on spending in the house? Would you rather buy a house that needs renovation and use your loan to make this happen? There are so many questions we can ask to get a clear idea on what you need. When you know what is most important we have more options for you. 

     Buying a house can be very scary. RE Property Advisors wants you to know exactly what you are looking for. If this gets narrowed down faster we have a better incentive program. This program wont fit with everyone. But there are buyers who will know exactly what they are looking for and we want these buyers to have the most out of their purchase. But if you are unsure and need more information or more time do not count us out. We want you to buy with confidence.  

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